Friday, October 23, 2009

Tug O' War

It's occurred to me that Bentley's obsession with playing rope, or tug of war, is rooted in a deep instinct that dogs and other small carnivores possess. Since little Bentley doesn't have opposable thumbs, it would be very difficult for him to rip apart the bodies of whatever small mammal he might happen to get his paws on in the wild and thus devour their innards. So, dogs work together when they hunt, which not only makes it easier to strategically capture prey but also they can hold carcasses between them in their mouths and rip them apart much faster than if a lone dog were to attempt it. So they can get in, get a meal, and get out before larger predators come around looking for left-overs. Whenever, B and me are 'ropin' it up, he's thinking, 'Oh I wish this was a rabbit between us' and its good practice for him, in case you know he ever needs to rip an animal in half. Oh, Bentley, you and your killer instincts never fail to amuse.

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